Regular Strength Dieters' II True-Slim Tea

Regular Strength Dieters' II True-Slim Tea
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Product Description

Bamboo Leaf Brand Regular Strength True-Slim Tea is a dieter tea. It is the medium strength tea in our product line. It is the original formula of True-Slim tea. The manufacturer was registered with USA FDA (Registration number 061512). It has been suggested as an outstanding natural "helper" to reduce weight, reduce bloating, improve metabolism, cleanse digestive system, and remove excessive fat deposits from your body. Bamboo Leaf Brand True-Slim Tea is now available in (1) Regular Plus, (2) Regular strength, and (3) Extra strength formula.

Ingredients: Malva Verticellata and other natural oriental herbs

30 tea bags/ box


Some individuals may experience extra bowl movements after using the tea. This is believed to relate to the cleansing of the body's system and it will disappear gradually.

Some individuals may experience cramps due to different internal characters of bodies.

First time user should use one tea bag a day.

Individuals can further dilute the tea to suit their own needs.

Do not consume more than two tea bags a day.

Pregnant and nursing mothers, children, and sick people should avoid drinking the tea.

To comply with FDA requirements, we do not make any claims to the efficiency of this product.

We recommend trying our Regular strength first before trying Regular Plus, Extra Strength, or our Imperial Monarch's Favorite Royal Ginseng Dieters Tea.

If you experience cramps, drink the tea as hot as you can take at a safe temperature. It reduces possibility of getting cramps, or switch to Regular Plus True-Slim Tea or Imperial Monarch's Favorite Royal Ginseng Dieters Tea.


Drink the tea during or within half an hour after a meal.

Pour 5 OZ of hot water over a tea bag in a cup. (First time user, use 8 OZ of hot water)

Cover the cup with a lid and allow to steam/soak for approximately 5 minutes. (First time user, 2-3 minutes for your first 10 tea bags or until your body accepts the strength of the tea)

Stir and press the tea bag gently with spoon.

Stir well to release fragrance of the herbs fully.

Do not add sugar or sweetener.

Drink the tea as hot as you can take at a safe temperature.

Drink the tea cold affects the result of the tea.

**All tea bags are made and packed in the U.S.A.

UPC: 757685200187


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